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How can I send a Glympse from within Tasker?

Sheetal Chhabra
posted this on August 24, 2012, 9:53 AM

Update: Please visit the Glympse Developer Portal for the most recent documentation.  

A Glympse user, Paulo Frings, wrote to us with details on how he configured Tasker to automate his outgoing Glympses.  Paulo's implementation details are below for the benefit of the community.  Thanks for the great work here, Paulo!   


To launch Glympse from within Tasker, use the following path on writing a task:

Action > Net > Browse URL > glympse:src=sample&

This example launches Glympse and prepopulates the Send Glympse screen with the email recipient of your choice, a 5 min duration and the message 
"Test". And it leaves the "Send glympse" button on the bottom of the page pre-selected, with yellow borders (when it isn't selected, it has green 
borders). So what you do next is to wait a few seconds and press the pre-selected button:

Action > Task > Wait > 10 seconds

Action > Input > Dpad > Press > 1 time

You will need root access to use the Dpad input function


Implementation Details

I have a Gamsung Galaxy Note, with stock brazilian android 2.3.5. In order to have direct acess to change GPS status without user interface, I rooted 
my phone yesterday. Also installed the Secure Settings Plugin for Tasker and the Helper function too, and gave it Device Administrator rights. And I left USB debugging mode on, because I read somewhere in tasker it may help get things working.

As I ride a motorcycle, I wanted to send a Glympse to my wife's email if I get a missed call from her.  For testing purposes, I set it up to send the glympse if I miss a call from anybody, and the Glympse goes to my email, and today, my tasker looks like this:

I created a profile called "Send Glympse".

First Context is: Event > Phone > Missed Call.

Task Selection: New Task > I named it "Glympse".

Action > Task > Wait > 1 second

Action > Display > Keygard > Off #as I expect my phone to be sleeping and I use a keygard (pattern), I have to disable it and wake the phone up

Action > Plugin > Secure Settings > Edit > Wake Device > Screen & Keyboard Lights On > 1 Minute

Action > Plugin > Secure Settings > Edit > GPS > On

Action > Net > Browse URL > glympse:src=sample& #this launches Glympse and pre-populates the Send Glympse screen with the email recipient, a 5 min duration and the message "Test". And, for our luck, it leaves the "Send Glympse" button on the bottom of the page pre-selected, with yellow borders (when it isn't selected, it has green borders). So what I do next is to wait a few seconds and press the pre-selected button.

Action > Task > Wait > 10 seconds

Action > Input > Dpad > Press > 1 time #this is used to press the pre-selected button on the glympse app screen. No, my phone doesn't have a Dpad (directionad pad) and probably your phone too, but I read in some forum that this input works, and it does.

Action > Input > Button > Back

Action > Input > Button > Back

Action > Display > Keygard > On

I have to say, I did not test this macro enough, as I finished it late last night, but it seems to be working fine.


Possible issues:

One time, when my battery was low, Glympse gave me a message, and this may interrupt the profile execution.

Ideas for improvement:

To make the macro see who has called and send the glympse to the caller's email. Maybe SMS would be easier, but I pay each SMS I send, and I'm cheap! 
:-) . Right now, I'm thinking of creating 5 or 10 profiles, each one for a family member or close friend, so if I had a missed call from my wife, 
the profile "Glympse To Wife" would send a glympse to her email. I just don't know if leaving 5 or 10 active profiles like these would slow the 
phone down during the day, or drain the battery more, would it?

Well, now you can imagine many ways to make glympse automation work for you and your family and friends. As I'm new at tasker, I guess glympse could be triggered by a calendar event, by an SMS or email with specific text. As you all know better than me, with tasker, the sky is the limit!

I hope you all succeed too!




Here's another resource that can be helpful for those using Tasker to invoke Glympse:!topic/tasker/d8an7ZUYjWY

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